Domain 4

Secondary Traumatic Stress–Informed Leadership & Supervision

Discover what CAC leaders and supervisors can do to address secondary traumatic stress among themselves and their staff.

Research has shown that strong social support is a protective factor in the face of STS. This includes support from supervisors and leaders across disciplines.1, 2 Unlike other domains in the STS Blueprint, Domain 4 is broken into two subdomains—one for leaders and one for supervisors—and are meant to make the information more manageable and targeted to specific roles. While there is certainly overlap in the roles and responsibilities of leaders and supervisors within a CAC, there may be some differences depending on the size and structure of the organization. We recognize that for many CACs, the leader and the supervisor may be the same individual, while at other CACs, those may be distinct roles.

To begin, review the descriptions of each role and see which applies to you and your current responsibilities and then click on the link to go to that domain to access the overview, rating tool, strategies, and action plan.


Leaders refer to those individuals who oversee the operational functions of the CAC (typically holding executive director-level positions)

STS-Informed Leadership


Supervisors are those responsible for providing direct supervision to staff in client-facing roles (forensic interviewers, mental health clinicians, victim advocates, etc.), or client-facing support (administrative, scheduling, etc.) positions.

STS-Informed Supervision